Validation/Verification/Certification Services in Japan

PJRCDM provides validation/verification/certification services under the following GHG emission reduction programs (schemes) in Japan:

  • Japan’s Voluntary Emissions Trading Scheme (JVETS)
  • Japan Verified Emission Reduction (J-VER) Scheme
  • Domestic Credit Scheme in Japan
  • Experimental Emissions Trading Scheme in Japan
  • Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program (Sector:1&2)
  • Saitama Cap-and-Trade Program (tentative translation) (Sector:1)
  • Validation/verification/certification for your own voluntary GHG emission reduction activities and/or carbon management system

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Validators and Verifiers in PJRCDM

For validation, verification and certification, experts in a various fields are essential such as environment, technology, politics and law in a host country, and a language in a host country.

PJRCDM is an associated company of Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. (PJR). PJR is a certification/registration body of nationally and internationally recognized standards including ISO 9001(Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). PJR’s headquarter is located in the USA and provides its services globally.

PJRCDM has a contract with PJR’s experienced and competent auditors who are specially trained to validation/verification/certification and also with the validators/verifiers/technical experts who have considerable audit-experiences of CDM and Gold Standard.