PJRCDM LOGO PerryJohnsonRegistrarsCleanDevelopmentMechanism,Inc.(PJRCDM)

PJRCDM Quality Policy

We, the employees of Perry Johnson Registrars CDM, are committed to meeting the requirements and expectations of our clients in terms of quality of the services we provide, as well as the expectations of the UNFCCC-CDM Executive Board, its applicable bodies for the regulatory standards and other Executive Bodies of the Voluntary standards, whose accreditation we secure and maintain. Our administrative structure is established in such a way as to maintain impartiality, independence, credibility and transparency and communicated to all employees and/or contractors. We personally affirm this commitment.

We are committed to accurate validation and verification of GHG emission reductions, which in turn will help to fulfill the expectations set forth in the Kyoto Protocol, while contributing to the sustainable development. To implement this policy and provide quality and speedy Validation & Verification services to our clients, we have developed and implemented quality management system meeting the UNFCCC Accreditation standard and VVM manual.

Human resource is the key asset at PJRCDM. Therefore, deployment of skilled and competent personnel for all the validation and verification activities will be the prime focus area. To meet this crucial need, systematic efforts will be directed towards recruitment, training and competence evaluation for all personnel performing different tasks.

PJRCDM understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out these activities, manages conflict of interest, and ensures the objectivity of its validation and verification activities. The entire PJRCDM team adheres to the spirit and the letter of the firm’s quality policy as well as the directives of the Quality Manual and its subordinate documents.

PJRCDM Confidentiality Policy

PJRCDM possesses appropriate agreements following concerned laws to secure confidentiality of information obtained from the communication with GHG project participants during the activity of validation/verification at all the classification of our organization system including committees, external organizations, or individuals acting under the name of PJRCDM.

Except laws require disclosure, information about specific organizations is not disclosed without a documented agreement with the organizations. When laws require disclosure of information to third parties or concerned GHG program requires disclosure of information, information subject to the disclosure is informed to the organizations.

Description concerning confidentiality is included in all the contracts with validators, verifiers and technical experts to enhance the policy for PJRCDM’s confidentiality.

PJRCDM securely controls confidential information, using appropriate equipment and facility. When confidential information relevant to validation/verification is transmitted as a result of entrusting works, PJRCDM contracts in written for the confidentiality with the entrusted organization.